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Newspaper Research The Pine Co. Genealogical Society looks up and publishes obituaries on the Rootsweb/Ancestry Pine Co. message boards.

Newspapers in Pine Co.

For newspapers which are no longer in production, the dates of the issues on microfilm at the Minnesota Historical Society are given to provide an idea of when the newspaper was active. The Historical Society has copies of the active newspapers as well. For more information, please see the Historical Society website.

Title & Location of Newspaper Contact Information Publication Status
Askov American Mailing Address: PO Box 275, Askov, MN 55704
Web site: none
Note: There is a site that says it has searchable digital images of this newspaper.
I HAVE NOT PREVIEWED THE SITE, so I am making no claims as to its quality.
It is a subscription site called World Vital Records.
Weekly on Wednesdays
Bede's Budget (Pine City)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 06/30/1897 - 05/31/1900
Finlayson Register   Halted
Archives at MNHS 03/14/1919 - 06/10/1921
Hinckley Enterprise   Halted
Archives at MNHS 01/04/1898 - 02/25/1921
Hinkley Herald Mailing Address: PO Box 310, Hinckley, MN 55037
Web site: none
Archves at MNHS 12/14/1910 - 11/28/1917
Hinckley News   Active
Weekly on Thursdays
Markville Messenger   Halted
Archives at MNHS 01/07/1926 - 12/29/1927;
07/04/1929 - 12/26/1929
Pine City Pinnacle   Halted
Archives at MNHS 09/30/1923 - 05/31/1926
Pine City Pioneer Mailing Address: 405 E. 2nd Ave., Pine City, MN 55063
Web site:
Weekly on Thursdays
Pine County Courier (Sandstone) Mailing Address: PO Box 230, Sandstone, MN 55072
Web site: none
Weekly on Thursdays
Pine County Farmer (Willow River)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 09/12/1913 - 08/28/1914
Pine County News (Pine City)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 09/26/1874 - 07/10/1877
Pine County Pioneer (Pine City)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 01/16/1886 - 12/26/1890;
05/08/1891 - 12/31/1915; 01/05/1917 - 01/25/1940
Pine County Record (Pine City)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 02/12/1879 - 03/21/1885;
09/22/1898 - 01/05/1899
Pine Poker   Halted
Archives at MNHS 09/23/1897 - 12/09/1905;
03/25/1915 - 02/24/1966
Pine Poker Pioneer   Halted
Archives at MNHS 03/03/1966 - 10/05/1967
Pine-Wood Dart (Hinckley)   Halted
Archives at MNHS 08/27/1891 - 12/25/1893
Sandstone Tribune   Halted
Archives at MNHS 12/22/1910 - 12/27/1912;
01/13/1913 - 10/30/1914

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